Power Your Real Estate Application With Our APIs

We provide developers access to all the backend APIs and tools that power our own website. Our APIs cover property data, rental data, ZIP code data and pretty much anything to do with real estate. We have partnered with RapidAPI to offer our APIs on their platform. All of our API listings on RapidAPI have a free tier available. Below you will find a summary of each API endpoint along with a link to the corresponding RapidAPI signup page.

Rent Estimate API

The Rent Estimate API provides accurate rental price estimates based on the location and characteristics of a given property. You only need to specify the property address but the more data you provide the more accurate your rent estimate will be. This API works by querying a massive database of recent rental listings and using a correlation algorithm to find comparable rentals. Returned data includes:

  • Rent estimate and rent range
  • Up to 20 rental comps
  • Property attributes for each rental comp including bedrooms, bathrooms, property type, square footage, etc.

Property Data API

The Property Data API provides detailed data for properties across the United States. The API supports searching for individual properties or using criteria to search for lists of properties. For instance, you could use the Property Data API to find all 3 bedrooms properties in Travis County, Texas. Each property record contains a dozens of attributes including:

  • Building attributes like bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, year built, etc.
  • Owner information including owner address
  • Owner Occupied Flag
  • Tax Assessment details
  • Lot Size of the property