Rent Analysis Plugin

Capture leads and send quotes from your property management website.

Attract sales leads by offering your customers insight into the value of their homes.

The Realty Mole Rent Analysis WordPress plugin uses our Rent Estimate API to provide accurate rental price estimates based on the location and characteristics of a given property.

Customize the rent report to advertise your lowest management fee and calculate potential owner profit.

Our team can add customization by request – talk to us about incorporating your own property management fee in the rent analysis report.

The Rent Analysis report plugin for property managers is free for Realty Mole API subscribers on WordPress and javascript platforms.

Email Capture and Sales Lead enabled

Generate sales leads when site users search for rental property estimates on any website and capture email addresses with default admin features.

Download the Plugin on WordPress

Add the Rent Analysis for Property Managers widget from the WordPress plugin directory for free and get up to 50 free rent analysis reports per month.

Google Maps Integration

The Rent Analysis plugin comes pre-integrated with Google Maps. To display map and street view images add your Google Maps JavaScript API and Google Street View Static API keys.

National Rent Analysis Coverage

Generate an accurate rent report for any property in the United States with Realty Mole's massive rental property dataset